Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Painting in progress - Raku Pottery with Rose

Painting Step 2

I am using some new Daniel Smith watercolor paints that I ordered specifically to try painting this pottery. For the background, Ive used Ultramarine Blue, Verditer Blue and Blue Apatite Genuine*. For the vase I've used Quinicrone Gold, Burnt Sienna, New Gamoboge, Sap Green, Verditer Blue, Indanthrone Blue, Moonglow, Perylene Violet & Zoisite Genuine*. For the Rose,I've used New Gamboge, Prryol Orange, Q. Rose, Q.Red and Opera Pink. It's coming along!

Painting Step 1 (untitled)

Using Saunders 200lb c/p watercolor paper. Painting this pottery is such fun! The colors are never quite the same. I am using transparent watercolors only. The challenge is to keep the sedimentary colors from pooling around the edges of the vase and the rose. I found that if I keep the salt more towards the center this also helps. (I was liberal with it in my demo)

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