Monday, September 29, 2008

Raku Pottery Painting - Septembers' Demo

Having featured a "Raku" Artists work for the Painted Turtle Gallery this month, I decided to try my hand at painting a piece of "Raku" pottery as well. I borrowed this beautiful piece of pottery and used it in several still life set up's along with flowers from my garden and pieces of lace. Some of these will appear as paintings in the future. I selected one to paint now, starting first with just the vase itself. *How to paint this piece? I'm drawn to the colors and textures in this piece and want to depict that.

This demo is full of first's for me. *New paper, brush and paints! I am
using 200lb coldpressed watercolor paper by Saunders. Some of the colors are: Burnt Sienna, Quicidrone Gold, Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue,*Verditer Blue (new), *Perlyene Violet (new), along with some other very special and unique colors,also new to me, that I will talk about more later. *All paints are Daniel Smith. I varied the strength of each color,
pre-wet areas and added salt to help with the granular texture of this piece of pottery.
This demo is almost complete. Need to darken the cast shadow on the right hand side of the bowl and deepen the colors in the table shadow. Overall, I am satisfied with the colors I've chosen, as a demo, I think it's accomplished what I wanted it to.....can't wait to try another, so I'm jumping right in and starting another small piece. Practice, Practice, Practice! The more I use these color's, the more familiar I will become with their mixing qualities and the way they settle in and on the paper.

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