Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On The Easel - Fruit with Striped Bowl Painting

"Everything about watercolor appeals to me, but perhaps above all, the peculiarities of the medium tend to challenge my efforts to control it... it's more like a performance or a dance."
-John Hulsey

Step 3: Continuing to develop the values. The striped bowl, cherries and tablecloth have received the most attention so far. I'm working on the cloth...adding layers of color in lite value, as I want these to shine through the darker shadow glazes to come. I've pre-wet the cloth and charged in aureolin yellow and quinacridone rose where the folds might be suggested, letting them mingle in some areas & keeping them apart in others. After this wash dried, I again pre-wet the cloth and charged in ultramarine blue and phthalo blue(gs)in lite values & let them dry. I will repeat this step again with the blues, as I want it darker in some of the folds, I will then follow with a glaze of burnt sienna in some areas of the cloth...this will soften & balance out the colors. The bowl has received glazes of yellow, followed by q.rose &, then ultr.marine & phthalo in the shadow areas. Starting to develop the cast shadows under fruit & bowl. (Daniel Smith Paints)
Has been a busy week, if I can carve out some more time, I can get this one done! I always have 3 to 4 paintings of various sizes on the go....sometimes I work more on one than the other, it just depends on my mood and perhaps how well the session is going. Stay tuned.....Thanks for stopping by!
Yours in Art, Laura Leeder

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