Sunday, March 22, 2009

On The Easel - New painting with Hydrangeas

"I feel that when I am painting, it is a form of worship. I see how wonderful nature is and how wonderful art is...and by trying to produce these works of art, I feel that I am just showing my apreciation of these creations." E.J.Hughes

Step 1: Hydrangeas in rose bowl on lace doily

I adore Hydrangeas, I have planted several varieties around my property over the last 2 years. This one produced blooms for me last year...I patiently waited for them to fill out, before cutting & displaying them in this bowl.

I await with eager anticipation, to see which plants will produce flowers for me this year. A real challenge to paint.....moving slowly & figuring it out as I go along. Working with right hand shadows. I want to keep the petals in soft green & pale pink hues. 1st layer of background complete. Colors used: lite hookers green,, green apatite genuine, rose madder genuine, lite winsor violet, touch of thalo blue. Colors were blended on dry paper. Using Daniel Smith watercolor paints. The size is 12 3/4" x 17 3/4".

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