Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On The Easel - Still life with hydrangeas

”The seed of your next art work lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece. Such imperfections (or mistakes, if you’re feeling particularly depressed about them today) are your guides -- valuable, reliable, objective, non-judgemental guides -- to matters you need to reconsider or develop further.” -David Bayles & Ted Orland

Step 2: Hydrangeas in rose bowl on lace doily

I have masked out some of the hydrangea petals, that I want to keep lighter and/or will be part of the focal point. I've also masked out the petals on the table so that I can easily charge in color on my leaves. I really want to make sure I vary the color of the leaves, adding a little interest here. I don't want too much detail on them as I want the flower petals and the bowl to draw in the eye, yet they need some color to help balance out the "sameness" of the petals and help move you through the painting.

Using rich green gold, quinacridone gold, thalo blue, hookers green & sap green in various tints on the leaves. Placing cool colors where leaves are in the shade and warmer color where more light might hit the leaves. (yes, it looks bright....all will tone down, with the next glazes)

Time to start adding 1st glazes of color to the table top, bowl and lace doily.

"The craving for colour is a natural necessity just as for water and fire. Colour is a raw material indispensable to life. At every era of his existence and his history, the human being has associated colour with his joys, his actions and his pleasures."
- Frenand Leger, "On Monumentality and Color", 1943.

Till next time, Laura Leeder

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