Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On The Easel - Still life with hydrangeas

Watercolor is a medium that can be as demanding and temperamental as those who choose to paint with it. But it is a colorful and exciting medium all the same – well suited to describing the many moods of the subject, as well as those of the artist wielding the brush.
-Jean Burman

Step 3: Hydrangeas in rose bowl on lace doily

More color and detail has been added to the leaves. Started glazing color into the bowl. Thinking about hard and soft edges, varying the use of rich dark color with soft tones, trying to create that watery effect.

Started the 1st glazes on the table and the lace doily. Colors used for the table top are: burnt sienna, ult. blue, q. gold and rose madder genuine. *All Daniel Smith Colors

The 1st glazes on the lace were done individually and allowed to dry before glazing the next color, some of the colors used were: burnt sienna,, ult. blue, thalo blue, rose madder genuine and serpentine genuine. I then painted in the lace holes with the background colors, after this was dry, I added more glazes of the above color's where needed to help develop the folds etc. Some of the color from the background has bleeded out onto the lace creating a softer more natural look.

Time to go back up to the hydrangea petals and continue to build the form using several soft glazes of color.

Stay tuned.....

Yours in art, Laura Leeder

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