Sunday, January 3, 2010

In pursuit of Art-Inspirational Quotes

A new January is once again upon us. For me, it represents a time for new hopes, new enthusiasm for the possibilities before me and of course, a new beginning. A chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. Each year I set aside some time throughout each day in the first week or so, to think about what I want to accomplish this year. Both in my personal life and in my artistic endeavors. Yes, like everyone else, I start out eager and determined to achieve my goals, and about half way through the year....I lose momentum....I even go through a month or two without giving them any thought. I have learned a few tricks that have helped me to get back on track....they are as follows:
1.Keep it simple. 3 is a good number of goals to set. Setting only 1 is setting yourself up to fail.
(If you achieve 1 out of 3...that's good! 2 out of 3...great! 3 out of 3...awesome!)
2.Be realistic & honest with yourself.
(you are more likely to achieve: walking 3 days a week, than walking everyday)

3.Write it down!
(I type mine up and keep them in a binder that I can review at any time.)
Beside each goal, I have listed a few things I need "to do" to achieve each.
I then add my "to do list" onto my personal calendar at the beginning of each month.

4. Select an "Inspirational Quote" that speaks to what you want to achieve and post it where you see it daily.

I set a total of 6 Goals last year for both my personal life and artistic career. Under each goal, I listed many things I needed "to do", to achieve that goal. While I did not achieve all 6 goals, it is amazing what I did accomplish in striving for each.
The following quote is a favorite I have used for years.
"Reach for the moon, for even if you least, you'll fall among the stars!"
---I think it says it all!

My painting:
A Star Maker

This one, is my all-time favorite: I've had it posted in my studio for years.
"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
And endeavors to live the life he has imagined....
He will one day meet with a success,
Unexpected in common hours." -Henry David Thoreau

My painting:
A Wish Maker

And one for more good measure!
"Reach high, for stars hidden in your soul;
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." -Pamela Starr

My painting:
A Dream Weaver

Now I'm off to put pen to paper and record my "2010 Goals".

Yours in art,
Laura Leeder

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Bob Leeder said...

Laura, I'm wondering if we are related. My Dad was born in the Brockville, ON area. Your art work is terrific. I enjoyed looking at it and reading your thoughts on your blog.
Bob Leeder

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