Sunday, March 21, 2010

On The Easel - Still life painting, peony's with limes

"Isn't it amazing how often we don't take time to truly appreciate something until we no longer have it?... It seems we get so caught up with "doing life" that we forget to stop and breathe into the moment and simply take stock of how good it is to be alive."
  (Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones)

Peony with limes (not the title), step 1.  The background is in; I've placed miskit around the flowers  to protect the edges of the petals.  The background was completed with 3 full glazes and a fourth, just around the limes and some of the petals, adding a variety of purples to balance the blues and push the limes and pink petals forward.  More to follow.
Enjoy your day,
Laura Leeder


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