Monday, April 5, 2010

On The Easel - Developing Peony's with Limes, Still life

"Theories, methods and formulas aid in the making of art, but each artist's technique comes more from his or her personality more than anything else." -Randall Sexton

I am continuing to develop the back peonys as well as the limes.

I've also added some washes of color to the table cloth.  This was done by first adding a wash of yellow, allowing it to dry, then selectively adding touches of pink, allowing to dry, followed by a wash of  lite gold and sienna.  This will allow the yellows and pinks to be seen through the successive shadow color layers.  

Starting to develop the limes...adding various shades of blue to develop the form, before applying the greens.  While painting the limes, I am trying to develop the texture as well. I have added a few small dots of miskit to save some of the white and I am dry brushing on color in small circular motions, that I hope will read as bumps on the skin of each lime when dry.  I have also added some salt, while the paint was still wet.

On to the table top, and further glazes on the leaves.  Moving along slowly and cautiously as I think my way through. 

More to follow....
Laura Leeder

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