Monday, September 27, 2010

The business of art & computers

I awoke last Monday morning to find my computer had crashed!   I had been thinking the night before that I had better back up my all my current "Art Business" files.  Luckily, I had backed up all my files from 2009 and I had "hard copies" of my 2010 filed.  Still, I lost all my email contacts, my new card designs (I had just made the week before...several hours of work) and probably the most disappointing was the hours of new photo images that I had taken recently.  These were still life set ups with the last of the flowers in my yard, and peaches, plums, apples that I had received from friends. (Yes, I am now backing up my art business files!  I will do so weekly...)

I received a timely email from my brother Glen with what I believe to be a perfect explanation of why my "hard drive" crashed.

Click on to this link and see for yourself!    It is worth a chuckle!
This is what I think happens on your computer if you leave it on overnight.

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Karen Atkinson said...

If you want to never lose your art business files, you can use software to keep track of all this. GYST Ink creates software for artists to keep track of all their work, contacts, and about 100 more things.

I suggest that you use something like this, and back up a DVD and put it in a safety deposit box once a year. This way is something happens to your computer and all your back systems, you will never lose your art archive.

Over 500 pages of free information for artists. Hope this helps.

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