Thursday, September 23, 2010

On The Easel-New Floral Painting with Peonies by Laura Leeder

"When I am at the easel it is a dream-like state where small problems are presented one after the other and as they are solved the mind moves on to new problems."   Tom McCann

After a major disappointment on Monday....(hard drive crash).....I am finally back on line.  Still recovering from the disappointment of losing all my data.  I had started saving files to disk, however, hadn't  yet saved any of my photo files from the last few months.  *This one hurt, as I had taken several hours of "set ups" for future paintings, and of course, deleted from my camera as I was copying to my computer.  Nothing like learning the "hard way"!   The good news....the sun came out for a while yesterday and I was able to bask in it's warmth and forgot my loss for a short time.  I also took the opportunity to photograph the progress of this painting.  Have added more color to the petals and started to deepen the shadows and color on the vase.  Still need to sketch in some peony petals on the table top, before I add color.  I have sketched in a floral pattern on the vase, but, unlike the actual vase, which is full of bright colors, I will keep this pattern in neutral tones.  Don't want to compete with the peonys!

I will put this painting aside for a while as I need to complete several smaller paintings that are currently in various stages of completion for upcoming "Christmas Shows".   I will post these paintings later.....

Yours in art,
Laura Leeder

"If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment."   Henry David Thoreau

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