Monday, November 22, 2010

On The Easel, Apples & Lace...It's finished! Painting by Laura Leeder

"Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures."   (H. Jackson Brown)

"Healthy Pleasures"  Watercolor-Image: 9.75"x10.5"
©November 2010   Artist Laura Leeder
I believe I was successful in "saving" this one.  I glazed a medium value of Daniel Smith Bordeaux over the entire background.  Bordeaux is described as a velvety wine's a staining pigment, transparent and slightly granular. It's description also states:  use to replace, lifeless, muddy mixtures.  Who knew!
I am submitting this painting to the Turtle Gallery for it's upcoming "Small Gems" Show and Sale.
Opening reception is this Saturday, November 27th, from 5:30-7:30pm. 
Yours in art,
Laura Leeder
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1 comment:

Angela said...

Love the apples and table....

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