Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday's Gift Is Today's Treasure! Artist Laura Leeder

"Music and art both spring from a grateful heart."   Katie Wood McCloy

Yesterday was indeed a day of gift's!  After a day of baking and cleaning, I sat down at the computer with my glass of wine to check my emails before dinner.  And what a pleasant surprise I received!

Not ONE, But TWO....THREE of my paintings left the Painted Turtle Gallery for new homes!

"Golden Delicious"

"Healthy Pleasures"

"Comfort and Joy"

The first painting of my "Tea Cup" Series!

It brings me great joy when one of my paintings heads off for a new home.  Each painting celebrates my pleasure with life and nature.  Every one represents different challenges and teaches me something new. Thank You!

Yours in Art,
Laura Leeder

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