Thursday, February 24, 2011

On The Easel-The 1st Creston Museum Teacup

"Observation and study are necessary to achieve mastery of light and form." 
    -Andrew Loomis

©Laura Leeder, Feb.2011, Watercolor in progress

This Teacup is starting to take shape.  The size of this piece is 5"x7" and trying to block in the design and develop believable shadows on the plate is more complicated than I had anticipated!

If I can achieve a likeness, I will be happy with that.  I hope to finish this one today and start another teacup.....

The weather forecast is bleak, snow flurries and strong winds, another good day to spend at home, in the studio painting.  (hopefully, the wind dies down this afternoon, and I can get outside for a walk)

Artfully Yours,
Laura Leeder

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