Thursday, February 3, 2011

On The Easel - Another Day, Another Teacup

"Sometimes there are rare golden moments, moments of bliss and dreamlike poetry... That's what gives me my passion and the fuel I need to continue moving paint across a fresh, waiting canvas."  -Eric Frantz        

©2011, Laura Leeder, Watercolor                          

I ended last week feeling disappointed and fustrated that I didn't complete my painting #3 in the teacup series.  Knowing that a break from it was in order, I started working on this one, #4 in the series (no titles, as yet).  I will continue to work on this one today......

I am pleased with the way the background tuned out.  It has an old, weathered sort of feel, and such depth!  The colors used are: Indanthrone Blue, Burnt Sienna and Amythest Genuine, all Daniel Smith Watercolors.

Artfuly Yours,
Laura Leeder 

Did You Know.....
    -Tea comes from the leaves of a tree call Camellia sinensis. Although the tree can grow over 300 feet tall it is cut short like bush so that the leaves can be plucked easily while harvesting.

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