Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Ancient Beauties" By Laura Leeder on Display at ArtWorks Gallery

"Art gives us the opportunity to escape the mundanity and ugliness of life and enter into an extraordinary world of imagination, creativity and beauty."  -Hap Hagood

© "Ancient Beauties", Watercolor, Size:  24"x28"
     Laura Leeder

"Oh, beauty, ever ancient and ever new."   -Saint Augustine

This painting is now on display at "ArtWorks" Gallery in Sandpoint, Idaho.  As part of the Gallery's "Color Wild" theme, I have re-designed my wall display area (thank you Teddi and Richard for your assistance) adding new paintings with a joyful attitude. 

Did You Know......
Peony flowers--the traditional symbol of China and the official state flower of Indiana--convey good fortune, wealth, honor and happy marriages, according to mythology and folklore.

If you are in the Sandpoint area, stop in and visit the gallery, click this link for location and hours:

Have a "joyful" day,
Artfully Yours, Laura Leeder
Watercolor Artist, Creston, BC
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