Saturday, March 26, 2011

On The Easel-Teacup & Rose Painting: Putting It All Together

"Working in a studio environment with a still life, portrait or figure gives you a great deal of control in the design. You can carefully plan the position and movement of the subject, adding and subtracting elements as needed."  -Sidney Hermel

©Laura Leeder, March 2011, Watercolor in progress

I am continuing to glaze lite to medium value washes on both the cup and the rose.  I've added more color to the background, doing so slowly and cautiously, as I want to keep it light overalll. 
I spent some time yesterday studying the pattern on the teacup.  It is a small and complicated pattern.  I tried to draw it out on transparent paper first and then transferred it to the wc paper.  I did not like this 1st attempt of the pattern and erased it all.  I've decided to try and add just enough detail on the center of the teacup lip and just suggest the overall pattern along the saucer edge with dabs of color.
I hope I can achieve an acceptable likeness! 

I won't spend more than an hour or so in the studio today....need to take care of some household chores and get outside for some fresh air! 

Happy Saturday,
Laura Leeder
Watercolor Artist, Creston, BC

Did You Know.....
   -Away of keeping tea fresher longer is to store it in airtight containers, free of moisture and out of sunlight.

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