Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teacup Painting, "Lady Aynsley" And Her Ancient Lineage

"Steam rises from a cup of tea and we are wrapped in history,
inhaling ancient times and lands, comfort of ages in our hands." 
    -Faith Greenbowl

 A Creston Museum Teacup

©Lady Aynsley, Watercolor, Size:  5"x7"
   Laura Leeder

I went on-line in search of this teacup's pattern name, hoping to use that in the title of this painting.  Well, I spent far too much time perusing sites looking for this pattern, to no avail.

However, here are just a few interesting facts that I did uncover:
-This teacup was made by Anysley Bone China of England
-John Aynsley first started making pottery as a hobby, back in 1775 in Staffordshire.  His pottery making developed into a small business, and later into a larger family business with his sons.  (one of his son's formed a branch known as Paragon China)
-His great grandson John Aynsley the 2nd, built the company into a leader of fine bone china with the building of a special factory in 1861. 
-Paragon China (a branch of Aynsley) enjoyed much success and Warrants of appointment from Her Majesty, The Queen (Mary) in the 1920’s. (It was later absorbed by Royal Doulton). 
- Aynsley has been honoured to supply specially commissioned tableware to Royalty, governments and companies all over the world. Queen Mary, Queen Victoria, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll and his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, have all chosen Aynsley china for their homes.  The royal family has allowed Aynsley China to use the "family seal" in its logo, where it remains today. 
Back to this teacup:  Based on the stamp of this cup it was made sometime in the 1920's to the late 1930's. While I didn't find this pattern, I did find a similiar one and from it I learned that this shape is called Art Deco.  As this teacup has a "royal seal" and a rich and long lineage, I've decided to call this painting "Lady Aynsley".

To see more in this series of paintings, click on the page at the top of the blog -"Teacup Series". All PAINTINGS will be available for purchase in August 2011.

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Artfully Yours,
Laura Leeder
Watercolor Artist, Creston, BC 


Judy said...

Lady Aynsley is really exquisite!

Laura Leeder said...

Thank You Judy! Appreciate it.

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