Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blue Orchid Tea, Painting In Progress

"The simplicity of form, the drama of rich, intense colour, the joy of challenge, and the challenge of endurance... The piece, when it is over, is not what is made, but how it is made."   ~Andrew Kuntz

©Teacup with orchid, watercolour in progress, April 2012
   By Laura Leeder

Spring is always a busy time of year.....with company at the beginning of the week and the yard and flower beds in urgent need of spring clean up, it was a real challenge getting into the studio and getting this painting started.  I will continue to focus on this painting throughout the week, dividing my time between the studio and working outside in the yard, plus cleaning and setting up the deck.

Wishing you a Happy Sunday,
Laura Leeder
Watercolour Artist
Creston, BC  


Judy said...

Wish you good luck with the spring clean up, and I hope painting as well!

Win Dinn said...

I'll be excited to see how this painting progresses, Laura. The drawing is beautifully balanced, and those orchids are so graceful.

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks for your comments of support!
I'm nervous about this painting, and anxious to get it completed.
Enjoy your day!

Erin / Miri-love said...

This is looking lovely so far! Can't wait to see it finished :)

I'm your newest follower :)
Erin from EBT

Laura Leeder said...

Hi Erin,
A pleasure to meet you, thanks for commenting. I appreciate your stopping by, I will now visit your site.

Lisa said...

Beautiful watercolors! Your sense of color is amazing. I will enjoy following your painting journey and seeing more of your work.

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks Lisa, I look forward to getting to know you better!

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