Friday, May 25, 2012

Painting In Progress For Pink Garden Tea Fundraiser

"As artists our job is to keep the faith and help humankind to remember beauty and thus the promise of happiness. Our work defends hope, the most precious homeland for any soul."
~Todd Plough

©Pink Rose with Tea, watercolour, Step 2
   Laura Leeder, May 25, 2012
A lot of progress has been made on this painting.  I still have quite a way's to go....
Several more glazes on the teacup and saucer.  I lost some of the petal shapes on the rose, so I will have to re-draw these shapes before I add more paint to paper.  Right now, they are just confusing!
As I work on this painting, I am thinking about the deeper meaning behind it and a possible title.  Words that might describe it float in and out of my mind.  Sometimes a title comes to me before I start a painting...with this one I am struggling.  No doubt because I am placing far too much importance on it!  As per the last post, I would appreciate any and all suggestions.  If I use your suggested title, I will send you a package of my teacup note cards!
A Limited Edition Giclee Print of this painting will be donated to the Pink Garden Tea Fundraiser.

The funds raised this year will be used to help the East Kootenay area raise money for a new digital mammography called "clear view".  The current machine at the Cranbrook Hospital will be obsolete in 2 years and campaigns are being held throughout the region to assist in raising the one million dollars needed for this machine.   

This year's "Pink Garden Tea" will be held this summer on Friday evening, July 27th and Saturday afternoon, July 28th.  There will be a Tea Market and Boutique set up on the grounds, with tea tastings and tea related products available for sale.  Details are still being worked out, more information will be posted as plans are finalized.   
The cost of this tea is "by donation" and your reserved seating can be purchased through Debbie Graham at   (more information coming soon....) 

Have a wonderful weekend!
Artfully Yours,
Laura Leeder,
Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC 


L.W.Roth, said...

Well you are certainly providing both hope and happiness with your lovely work. I really admire your delicate touch in these tea cup paintings

Rita Vaselli said...

Dear Laura,
It 's really important in the prevention of breast cancer!
I had two experiences like this but I saved by preventing the breast and I am still here (the first time 16 years ago and then again 7 years ago). Having modern machines is a chance to arrive before the disease!

Your work looks GREAT !!!

Judy said...

Laura, the teacup is lovely with those little hearts!

Win Dinn said...

It's looking delightfully pink, Laura - how about Pretty in Pink, Pink Perfection, Celebrating Pink, the Power of Pink, Pink Pair. I'm excited to see this pink one progressing!

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks, L.W.Roth (Linda?), I wanted this one in particular to feel, pretty and delicate.

Laura Leeder said...

Hi Rita, thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, I so agree! Regular mammogram exams are an important part of breast cancer prevention. All the best!

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks Judy!

Laura Leeder said...

Some great titles Win, thanks! I'm really liking Celebrating Pink and the Power of Pink! I will keep these in mind!

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