Monday, May 14, 2012

Scenes from Creston's Herbal Society Tea, May 12, 2012

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."    ~Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

 ©Paintings by Carol Schloss and Laura Leeder
   Creston Herb Society's Tea, May 12, 2012

 Celebrating the  ROSE,  2012 Herb of the Year 

  On Display in the "Tea Room",  College Of The Rockies, Creston, BC

©Paintings by Laura Leeder and Carol Schloss

©Each table was set with linens, lace and fine china
   The centerpiece a china teacup filled with fresh spring blossoms.

©Teacup bouquet's by members of the Creston Herbal Society

From dainty sandwiches to herb filled delicacie's, the afternoon tea was divine.
My favorite treat were the herb scones with an extra large dollop of clotted cream.
These pictures were taken before the tea was served, to that I could respect the privacy of everyone who attended and volunteered their time.

©Fine Art Prints and Note Cards
   By Laura Leeder, May 12, 2012

This is a close-up of my table featuring my prints and note cards.   Met new people, made a few sales, received feed-back on my artwork and had an enjoyable day getting to know the other vendors!

And a final bonus to the day.....I won a "Lady Di" tea rose!  Now to find a location worthy of this princess.

A special thank you to the Herb Society and all the volunteer's of this event.


Rita Vaselli said...

As it looks peaceful and festive atmosphere of the place! Must have been a very beautiful day!

Judy said...

Nice photos, Laura, a lovely impression of the day! I'm glad it was so successful, and congratulations on winning the tea rose! What a lovely flower arrangements in teacups!

John Simlett said...

A really lovely post, Laura. Just my-cup-of-tea!

Well done on winning the rose and the sales :0)

Laura Leeder said...

Hi Rita, yes, the herb society did a very good job!

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks Judy! Yes, the photo's do not do justice to the pretty teacup bouquets. As to winning the "tea rose", I am chuffed!

Laura Leeder said...

Thank You John! I think you would have enjoyed trying all the different pastries.

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Laura. What an exquisite display! And I love your tea cup series; your work is beautiful!! I'm following you, too, and look forward to seeing more. :)

Win Dinn said...

Lovely, Laura - looks as though it was a beautiful event.

Laura Leeder said...

Hi Kathryn, thank you and welcome!
Look forward to seeing your paintings.

Laura Leeder said...

Hi Win, yes, it was a pleasantly enjoyable event.

Arianna said...

This table looks very amazing! Arianna

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks Arianna, it was fun!

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