Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cherry Delight And So Much More!

"She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes."    ~Frank Deford

Gift Basket by Tigz Designs
New for May 2012!

©Courtesy Lori Cameron, Tigz Designs
   May 2012

I am thrilled and delighted to share this latest news with all of you! 
My note card "Cherry Delight" was chosen to be included in this beautifully packaged gift basket made by Tigz Designs.  
Tigz Designs is a local family operated business that specializes in handmade greeting cards and a variety of "themed" gift baskets.   

This gift basket-"Creston Cherry Celebration" includes some of Creston's
finest "Cherry" items:
"Delicious Tabletree Black Cherry Juice made right here in Creston, BC. Drink it just as it is or....  a reduction sauce for pork or chicken - add to soda for a refreshing summertime drink - thicken for ice cream - salad vinaigrette - use as a mix - great paired with cheese.

Wickhead Cinnamon Cherry Pie pure Beeswax candle, made in Creston BC.
Creston Cherry Rose Loose Leaf Tea from Tigz Tea Hut Experience in Creston BC

A beautiful set of (2) "Cherry Delight" note cards.  Prints from an original watercolor painting by Laura Leeder of Creston BC. Laura does an absolutely gorgeous job and we are honored to have some of her artwork as part of our Creston Gift Baskets.  These note cards are blank inside with information on the backs, such as the Painting title, Artist info,  and the quote:  "Life is just a bowl of cherries..."

All these items are tucked inside a handmade crate, with a handmade bow and gift tag of your choice - be sure to take a peek at the additional images tab to see a close up of most of the products that are included in this delightful gift basket.
This is a wonderful Creston Gift Basket that would make a great souvenir from our Valley."

TIGZ DESIGNS offer a wide selection of gift items and baskets that can be personalized and are shipped worldwide.

Please visit their website to learn more about the products and services they offer:

Wishing you a creative day,
Laura Leeder, 
Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scenes from Creston's Herbal Society Tea, May 12, 2012

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."    ~Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

 ©Paintings by Carol Schloss and Laura Leeder
   Creston Herb Society's Tea, May 12, 2012

 Celebrating the  ROSE,  2012 Herb of the Year 

  On Display in the "Tea Room",  College Of The Rockies, Creston, BC

©Paintings by Laura Leeder and Carol Schloss

©Each table was set with linens, lace and fine china
   The centerpiece a china teacup filled with fresh spring blossoms.

©Teacup bouquet's by members of the Creston Herbal Society

From dainty sandwiches to herb filled delicacie's, the afternoon tea was divine.
My favorite treat were the herb scones with an extra large dollop of clotted cream.
These pictures were taken before the tea was served, to that I could respect the privacy of everyone who attended and volunteered their time.

©Fine Art Prints and Note Cards
   By Laura Leeder, May 12, 2012

This is a close-up of my table featuring my prints and note cards.   Met new people, made a few sales, received feed-back on my artwork and had an enjoyable day getting to know the other vendors!

And a final bonus to the day.....I won a "Lady Di" tea rose!  Now to find a location worthy of this princess.

A special thank you to the Herb Society and all the volunteer's of this event.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Celebrating Roses - The International Herb Of The Year

"The air was fragrant with a thousand trodden aromatic herbs, with fields of lavender, and with the brightest roses blushing in tufts all over the meadows...."   
      ~William Cullen Bryant

  Celebrating the 
  Herb of the Year

  On Display in the "Tea Room"
  College Of The Rockies
  Creston, BC

  Saturday, May 12

©Miss Etiquette, Watercolour Painting 
    Laura Leeder

This year herbal organizations around the world are celebrating the International Herb of the Year - Roses. (Rosa species)

Here in Creston, BC, the local Greenheart Herbal Society and the College of the Rockies are celebrating Herb Day, this Saturday, May 12.  From 9am-4pm at the College.

They are offering various workshop on Rose gardening, decorating with roses, and of course the culinary and medicinal uses of Roses.

Many vendors(myself included) who will be offering herb & garden related products etc.
I will have available for purchase, fine art prints and a selection note cards, including of course the "teacup series"!   Please stop by and say hi!!

Contact the College for more information and to register:  (250) 428-5332
Cost to access the tearoom and vendors area is $10.00
$25 includes full access to the tearoom, vendors area and all the workshops.

To find our more about Herb Day visit  

Did You Know?
"Rose hips have the highest natural source of Vitamin C and some claim they are quite delicious, especially when mixed with Lemon Balm or Chamomile or used in a Respiratory Tea for cedar fewer or allergies.  The hips can also be made into syrup, jelly and cookies."

Wishing you a creative day, 
Laura Leeder,
Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC

Monday, May 7, 2012

Treasured Moment's-Orchid, Tea Painting Completed!

©Treasured Moments, Watercolour, May 2012
   By Laura Leeder  - Sold

This painting is now complete!  Adding the whimsical ribbon was the missing detail that for me pulled it all together.  After considering several "titles" for this piece, I finally chose "Treasured Moments" and now the story for this painting is complete.

"Treasured Moments" was commissioned as a shower gift for a soon-to-be bride. Blue Orchids, happen to be her favorite flower.  Orchids symbolize wealth, love and beauty.  Blue Orchids in particular are rare and very expensive. So to receive a bouquet is indeed a "gift to be treasured".  The china teacup, could it be a gift from mom, a family heirloom, passed down to each new, young bride in the family?  Is it something borrowed or something blue?

Notice that the delicate blue ribbon on the teacup has a few knots?  It's a subtle reference to "tying the knot", "the circle of life".

"Like ribbons of time weaving their way through our lives, wishing you happiness today and everyday of you life".  ~Laura Leeder

Best of all, the client is happy with this commissioned painting, so my worry and anxiety, was worth it!

Happy Monday everyone!

Laura Leeder,

Watercolor Artist, Creston, BC

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tea Is Poured, The End Is In Sight!

"Finishing is torture... There's always some newly seen flaw. But the little glimpses of beauty between the anxiety make it worth it."  ~Jacob Collins

©Teacup with Orchid, Painting In Progress
   By Laura Leeder 

So close to the finish line.....but not quite there!  I've added the tea, which I now think  helps to complete/balance the picture.  I am planning to add a "surprise" detail to the inside as well.  And no, it's not an orchid!  

I still have the handle to finish painting and then adjusting values and fine detailing on the rest of the teacup.  Same with the blossoms....adjusting values, rescuing some of the white blossom edges and adding the small dot's.  Then the lace detail...

...and please, no more orchids!  At least for a while.... 

Have a great day...I'm off to the studio to finish this one!
Laura Leeder

Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC

ps: many thanks for all  the suggestions on completing this painting, I considered them all and was able to move forward.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greeting Card Gift, Thank You Judy!

"Each day comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons."  ~Ruth Ann Schabacker

Greeting Card by Judy Barends
April 2012 

A few weeks ago blogging friend Judy Barends of  "The Thread Watercolours" offered one of her beautiful greeting cards to the first 12 people who contacted her.  I was one of the lucky recipients and waited with anticipation for my card to arrive in the mail.  I was not disappointed, I received this card with a delicate heart of rose!

Judy's watercolours are a delightful study in translucent washes of color.  From apples to flower's her paintings glow with happiness!  What a beautiful gift!  

I was inspired by this gesture of Judy's and I in turn offered my note cards to the first 12 people who contacted me. A very rewarding experience, I highly recommend it!

Thanks again Judy!  (I'm glad that you like the card I sent you as well.)

Wishing everyone a day filled with creativity,
Laura Leeder,
Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC 

p.s.  tomorrow I hope to post a finished or very nearly finished teacup with orchid painting! 

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