Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Title Search For Teacup Painting In Progress For 2013 Pink Garden Tea

"The quiet time that I spend in my studio allows me the opportunity to contemplate the poetic essence of a subject."  ~Peter Adams

©Laura Leeder, Teacup With Tulip Watercolour, Step 3, June 2013

In my last post I sent out a plea for help in naming this painting in-progress.  That may have been unfair as it still has a ways to go before being completed.  That didn't seem to faze many of you though, as I received several suggestions here, through email and on facebook.  

*Here are just a few of the title suggestions so far:  The Promise, Rainbow Wishes, Gentle Reflections,   A Fresh Start, Joyful Delights, In Contemplation, Pleasant Musings, Today's Gift, Dream Time, Daily Celebrations, Of Hope And Fond Memories, The Pink Promise, Tulips And Tea-Thanks To The Bee..... 

Thanks everyone!  I won't make any decision until the painting has been completed.  If you would like to add to these suggested titles or let me know your favorite from the above list, please leave a comment below.   

©Laura Leeder, Teacup with Tulip Watercolor, Step 4, June 2013

Pink Garden Tea-Saturday, July 27th, 2013 
For this years tea, I've chosen a spring theme of hope and celebration as another season approaches filled with relief and the promise of more seasons to follow.  The plans for this tea are being finalized and I will post them along with the finished painting.  I will donate a print of this painting to be auctioned off.  It will be a silent auction with the print going to the highest bidder.   Notecards will also be available for purchase.   

You can contact Debbie for more information, to book your seating, to make a donation or to place an early bid on the print of this finished teacup painting.      
Contact Debbie Graham at  250-428-7182 or Email:

Please note-if you suggest a title and I use it, I will send you a set of my fine art note cards.

Each package contains 6 cards (one free) for $19.95 plus shipping. 

                     Cards can be purchased on-line from my website here, or from my Etsy Shop here.

  Enjoy your day, Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist
In  the Heart of the Kootenays - Creston, BC  


Arianna said...

Very sweet painting! Arianna

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks Arianna!

Win Dinn said...

This is coming along wonderfully, Laura - I love the way the colours are working together!

Laura Leeder said...

Slow and steady Win!

Wendy Barrett said...

Beautiful work Laura! I love the gentle colours and the intricate patterns in the table cloth/doily? It is a lovely composition.

Laura Leeder said...

Thank You Wendy!

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