Monday, July 29, 2013

Scenes From The Pink Garden Spa Tea

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as the expectation of something tomorrow.”  ~Orison Swett Marden

The 2013 Pink Garden Spa Tea

©All photos taken by Laura Leeder - July 27, 2013 

It all starts with a walk down this beautiful garden path. 

This charming lady (Lynda) knows how to dress for tea!  

All along the pathway are areas with delightful treasures.

Every table was set with fine china, flowers and tablecloths trimmed in lace. Each one a different theme.

There were two seating's-a luncheon and an afternoon high tea.  

The tea station and some of the organizers. 

These young girls brought out the trays of food and refilled our teacups.

Displays of fine china and my tea prints were scattered throughout the gardens.

Me (Laura Leeder) with my display of Ltd. Edition Tea Prints and Notecards.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt of Hope" given to women who are recovering from cancer treatments as a sign of hope, caring and comfort.  The Pink Ribbon was worn by many women in attendance who were either cancer survivors or supporters. 


My painting "Cup Of Hope" went home with a wonderful lady named Joell.  I am embarrassed to admit that I was so delighted it was going to a new home I completely forgot to ask for a photo of Joell with her new painting!!!  

A very big THANK YOU to the Pink Garden Tea Ladies - Debbie, Susan and Cindy!!!  You ladies are amazing!!!!  

We are already thinking ahead to next year's Pink Garden Tea and I am so excited to share with you just a hint of the 2014 paintings theme .....are you ready?    It's CHINTZ!

I have been busy photographing this beautiful set loaned to my by Glory Jacklin.  I haven't decided which photo I will use for my painting, perhaps I will have more than one available!

May your days be filled with sunshine and happiness,
Creatively Yours, 
Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist
Creston, BC "in the heart of the Kootenays"  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Flowers, Paint and Rocks! Beach Rocks That Is....

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time."  ~John Lubbock

©Vase of Pink Lillie's, Laura Leeder, July 2013

Last week Ivor and I enjoyed a few days of camping at Kootenay Lake.  We spent our mornings on the water boating and fishing followed by long, lazy afternoons  exploring different beaches along the shoreline.

If you are a still life or floral painter you will understand that even while camping, one must have flowers. Indoors or out, I always have a vase or glass with a flower or two in it nearby. Their positive energy and beauty fill me with contentment and joy.  These lilies also attracted hummingbirds and butterflies, an added bonus!

Like Kenya, we found ourselves picking and sifting through the pieces of driftwood and beach rocks looking for keepers.

This piece of driftwood made for some interesting this one.

©Laura Leeder, July 2013

I was inspired by the variety of colors, shapes and textures in the rocks; especially when wet, as the bits of mica really sparkled. 


©Painting preparations, Laura Leeder, July 2013

Back at the campsite I decided to have some fun and try my hand at painting rocks.  

 ©Watercolour painting in progress, Laura Leeder, July 2013

My goal here is to simply play and explore the many texture and color possibilities.  I am using several of the Daniel Smith Primatek watercolour paints.  Most of them are sedimentary and contain small flecks of mica in the pigment.


©Near complete painting exercise of beach rocks by Laura Leeder, July 2013

As a studio painter, I found the whole process of painting outdoors in the dappled light amidst the bugs and ants somewhat challenging; but, I persevered. 
I used several techniques in my attempt to create variety and interest.  After they are just rocks right?! I used sedimentary colors, painted wet on wet, painted wet on dry, I drew lines and circles with a wet paint brush, spritzing water and splattering salt. 
Here is the unfinished “beach rocks” exercise from my creative play time. And yes, I will definitely try this exercise again!

Creatively Yours,
Creston, BC in the heart of the Kootenays

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beach Rocks For Sale, From The Eastshore, Kootenay Lake, BC

"At the beach life is different.  Time doesn't move hour to hour, but mood to moment.  We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun." 

SUMMER IS HERE!  Ivor and Kenya have been encouraging me to slow down, take a break from my computer, my studio and all my other daily routines and enjoy some long, lazy days with them.  So we took a day off, packed our cooler, loaded up the boat and headed to Kootenay Lake for a day of sun and water.

It always takes me a few day trips to completely relax, after month's of following a rigorous work routine.  On this day however, I was more than ready to embrace some leisure time, soaking up the sun, enjoying the scenic coastline, playing in the water, dipping my toes in the sand, and enjoying the antics of Kenya, our little yorkie, who was ever so thrilled to have our full attention for a day!

©All photos by Laura Leeder, July 2013 ~ Kootenay Lake, BC 

Kenya (our teacup yorkie) - Prepared for a day of boating, surfing and rock collecting!

A Beautiful sunny day looking south east on Kootenay Lake, BC

After a few hours on the lake, and not one bite (fish), it's time to hit the beach!

Push me out mom!  I'm ready to go surfing!

Now this is the life!  Whoops, I need to keep my balance........

Well that was fun!  Hey, there's some pretty rocks in here......

If I can just get this white one!  I just want one more rock...then can we can go back to fishing!
I can sell these on Etsy!  Maybe mom will post them on facebook for me!

Not a bad way to end the day, Ivor caught the BIG ONE!  A nice looking rainbow, about 15lbs.  Our largest catch to date and as we maneuvered it into the net we quickly decided to release this beauty of a trout back into the lake to produce more offspring for future fishing.  There will be other day's and other fish.

It was definitely an awesome way to end our day on the lake.  And by the way....Kenya has 5 white beach rocks for sale.....if you are interested email me!  Kidding....about the rocks.

©Laura Leeder and Kenya the "little darling"

As of today, I am officially on beach time for the next two months.  I hope that each of you will also take some time to slow down, and enjoy some long lazy days doing what you love with little or no regard to time.

Have a great weekend!
Creatively Yours,
Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC
"In the heart of the Kootenays"

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