Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chintz Teacup Study ~ Practice Makes Perfect

"To gain confidence, constant practice is essential. Just as a musician needs to practice regularly to retain his touch, the watercolourist needs to be constantly in touch with the medium."  ~Robert Lovett

©Chintz Tea Study-A Work In-Progress
  By Laura Leeder, November 23,2013

I am getting an early start on my Teacup Painting for the 2014 Pink Garden Tea Fundraiser.  If you have been following my blog through the summer of 2013 you will remember that I photographed several different set-ups with both a chintz teacup and teapot loaned to me by Glory Jacklin.

For my first attempt, I chose this simple set-up with a small pink rose.  I started by pre-wetting the background and charging in pale washes of Daniel Smith Indanthrone Blue, Deep Sap Green and Burnt Sienna.  I repeated this step a second time before moving to the teacup and rose.  Using a variety of yellows, pinks and blues and working slowly, I continue to develop each.  I added the shadow under the cup to help settle it and allow me to better judge the values on my teacup. 

I have just started to add the greens to the floral pattern and I'm working on the gold edging.   I'm ready to remove the miskit and see where I'm at.  I'm concerned that the cup  is still reading flat and that I haven't left enough light on it. While I can deepen the shadows I run the risk of ruining the pattern.  This is why practice is so important!   While I will try to bring this one to a satisfactory stopping point, it will not be my chosen painting for the Pink Tea.  

After all, I have several other set-ups that I would like to explore! Why settle for the first? 
Have a great weekend!

Creatively Yours, 
Laura Leeder


Valdja Maria said...

Lindo e delicado!

Eileen said...

So many details with this tea cup. Looking good.

Judy said...

Yes, I see what you mean about loosing the light. It's still a beautiful painting though. Looking forward to the next teacup!

Win Dinn said...

Hugely complex subject - beautiful!


pretty ... all the best with your fund raising laura

Minhas Pinturas said...

Talvez você seja tão critica com relação as sua arte, assim como eu sou, acho sempre que estão ruins, por um lado é bom pois nos desafia a melhorar, mas por outro trás insegurança, entretanto a sua xícara de chá, está maravilhosa, é um tema difícil de pintar com todos os pequenos detalhes e ficou LINDA.

Celia Blanco said...

I love the details on the cup and the beautiful color combinations. Spectacular progress, Laura!

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, they are very much appreciated!

Wendy Barrett said...

This has come out beautifully Laura! Very pretty!

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