Monday, December 23, 2013

Seasons Greetings Everyone!

©Santa, Kenya and Me, December 2013
   Laura Leeder

"May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
 The gladness of Christmas give you hope,
And the warmth of Christmas grant you love."

From my home to yours....thank you for sharing 2013 with me.  I look forward to our continued friendships in 2014!  

May it be your best year ever!

Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist
Creston, BC

Saturday, December 21, 2013

"I love to paint completely for myself. I call it my experimental work when I just need to play with my materials and not worry about the market. This is where the child-like artist takes over and allows the artist to just have fun. There is a no risk factor." ~Adrienne Moore

© "The Gift" ~ Watercolour, Dec 18, 2013
    Laura Leeder

This small painting was done as a quick study for a larger floral painting with this green bow. The subtle texture in the background was created by spritzing alcohol onto the wet paints and allowing to dry.  

*Tip: I sprayed the alcohol onto the background quite liberally covering the whole surface.  What I  noticed afterwards is that the alcohol seems to leave a slight film on the surface that made it very difficult for me to go back in and deepen any areas.  What I learnt? A little restraint is a good thing!!
To create the texture on the bird, I pre-wet the area and charged in my color's, (keeping in mind where my lightest light's and darkest dark's would be).  While the bird was wet, I pressed saran wrap onto this area, smooshing and twisting the wrap.  I then applied a heavy book on top of the painting and left it to dry overnight.  The result was this lovely aged texture! 

*Tip: If like me, you build up your painting with additional glazes of color, then you need to go EXTRA dark with your colors in this first step.    

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to play!

Thank's for stopping by, 
Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist, Creston, BC

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Watercolour Study That Invites Some PLAY Time!

"Learning in the arts requires the ability and a willingness to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities of the work as it unfolds."  Elliot W. Eisner

©Pottery Bird with Bow, Watercolour Study, Dec. 2013  Step 1
   By Laura Leeder 

I have just completed a commissioned painting with loads of detail (which I will post here after Christmas) and was in need for a fun and interesting study before starting my next painting; a floral that includes this bow.

I purchased this pottery bird  last January while shopping in Sandpoint, Idaho and have been wanting to include it in a painting for some time.  So,  I decided to pair it with this green bow for a playful study.  For me, this is a  perfect opportunity to explore textures, patterns and shapes plus the interaction of both warm and cool colors.  Here's to some PLAY time!  

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by,

Laura Leeder
Creston, BC *The Heart Of The Kootenays

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