Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My 2014 Pink Garden Tea Painting Is Blossoming......

"Have a strategy for tackling design, value patterns and color harmony, a plan that leads to a painting which is modern, but has its roots in the art of the past."                      
~ Sidney Hermel

Designed specifically for the 2014 Pink Garden Tea Fundraiser

©Chintz Teapot with Roses, Watercolour In-Progress, April 2, 2014
   By Laura Leeder 

Step 4 ~ I am continuing to develop the floral pattern (chintz) on the teapot and glazing more colour onto the roses and leaves.  I've removed all of the miskit on the teapot so that I can evaluate the areas where the pattern is lost in the shadows and/or where the highlights will be.  After making adjustments, I will add the miskit once again.  

At this stage I need to figure out the missing pattern on the lid and right side of the teapot.  I want to sketch this in before I do anything more on this piece.  I'm taking a break from my studio tomorrow but will be back at work on this painting Friday.  So please check back early next week to see it's progress.

Step 3 from last blog post.  

A print of this painting will be donated for silent auction to the annual Pink Garden Tea, a local fundraiser of the Creston Valley.  The "pink ladies" who host the tea will most often focus on women and their families who have been affected by cancer.  Information on this year's event will be posted here soon!

Scenes from last year's Pink Garden Tea ~2013
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My November 2013 post on my "chintz teacup study" in preparation for this painting
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Thank You for following along with me, as always, your comments are welcome!

Creatively Yours,
Laura Leeder, Creston, BC Artist


Celia Blanco said...

It's coming along beautifully Laura! It looks like a flower blooming, love seeing and reading about your process!

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks Celia! Oddly enough posting the process for this one helps keep me focused and on track.

Win Dinn said...

That teapot is starting to vibrate (no doubt with anticipation of the Pink Tea!), Laura, and those roses are coming alive...beautiful work!

Laura Leeder said...

Many thanks Win!

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