Friday, December 18, 2015

A Yearly Ritual Plus A Sneak Peak At A New Painting In The Teacup Series.

Art is more than a product of your efforts – it should be about feeling, life, attitude, soul.   ~Sergei Bongart

©Photo by Laura Leeder, December 2015

What painting or studio rituals do you perform?  

As another year comes to a close and before the new year starts, I like to clean my paint palette and take an inventory of all my tubes of paint.  This is a ritual that I have been performing for a few years now. 

After I re-fill the wells of my now clean palette with fresh paint.  I then record the quantity of each tube of paint by colour category.  I note if it's a warm or cool version of the colour, any special features.  I note any new colour I'd like to try or existing ones that I will use-up and delete.  Only then do I feel ready to start a new painting.  

©Vase Of Freesias, Photo by Laura Leeder, December 2015

Of course this ritual must also include a fresh vase of flowers to delight the senses and inspire the creative muse.  (I was surprised to find these freesias at my local grocery store and even more so by the intoxicating scent they emit.)  



©Teacup Painting In-Progress, Laura Leeder, December 2015

Now I'm ready to paint!  I refer to my test swatches of my watercolour paints and select my colours. 

©Teacup Painting In-Progress, Laura Leeder, December 2015

Here's a sneak peak of the teacup painting a little further along.  I've used miskit to save some of my whites on the cup and saucer.  As you can see here, I always keep a scrap of wc paper nearby to test my colours before I touch the painting surface with my loaded brush.  I'll keep working on this one, in the meantime......

Thanks for stopping by, have a super weekend!

Laura Leeder, Watercolour Artist
Creston, BC

"Art is the highest form of hope"   ~Gerhard Richter 

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Celia Blanco said...

This is a wonderful excercise, Laura. We buy so many paints,it really helps to take the time to test them before.I love the Daniel Smith line myself, I see you have so many! Your teacup painting is beautiful already!

Alice Saltiel-Marshall said...

Love your systematic approach. I feel haphazard by comparison. Still the result is what counts and your results are stunning!
Merry Christmas Laura Leeder!

Mellowood Gallery said...

You are so organized!I usually make a note when a paint tube is finished and stick it on my cork board under - "Need to Buy" then promptly forget it - lol. I have been caught a few times when the paint in my palette is gone. Merry Christmas Laura - See you in the new year.

Win Dinn said...

What a great idea, Laura - I can see what a valuable exercise this would be for us colour pigs! I look forward to seeing this lovely new painting finished!

Eileen Gidman said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all this lace painted. Good idea about reviewing your paints regularly. It's awfully finding you've run out of a colour in the middle of painting.

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