Thursday, February 18, 2016

Are You A Downton Abbey Fan?

"No life is so charming as a country one in England, and no flowers are sweeter and more lovely than the primroses, cowslips, bluebells and violets, that grow in abundance all around me here."

Downton Abbey's Lady Cora, Watercolour Teacup Painting
By Laura Leeder, February 2016 

As Downton Abbey enters it's final season, I was inspired to create a new series of teacup paintings, honoring some of the characters that we have come to enjoy.  "Lady Cora" is the 1st teacup painting in this series.  To represent Lady Cora, I've pared a bluebell teacup with a rosy, peach begonia.   

I chose this English Royal Albert china teacup with bluebells as the bluebell is a  particularly beloved flower in Britain.  They are symbolic of humility and gratitude and are associated with constancy, and everlasting love.  I chose the begonia as they are hardy flowers that are able to withstand the elements. 

Lady Cora, is both delicate and gentle with a kind and forgiving heart. Over the years she has shown that she can be surprisingly strong when needed and for me the symbolism of both flowers, represent her character.  

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this 1st painting in the Downtown Abbey series.

(Thank You Debbie Graham (Pink Garden Tea organizer) for loaning me this beautiful teacup!) 

Creatively Yours, 
Laura Leeder

Ltd. Edition Giclee Prints coming soon!

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Win Dinn said...

What a lovely painting, Laura, and how very apt for Lady Cora. I'm going to miss Downton Abbey, but this will help fill the gap!

Alice Saltiel-Marshall said...

YES, I am a Downton Abbey fan (addict.
Wonderful idea to portray the characters in floral tea cup paintings. I love this one for Cora. Look forward to seeing what flowers you use to depict the others, especially Mary!

Judy said...

Yes, another Downton Abbey fan here! I love this one for lady Cora!

Jane said...

Deliciously beautiful china. I'm not following the series , but I love ( almost ) everything english :-)

Catharina Engberg said...

Very pretty. :)

Louise said...

Hi Laura: I have never watched this show (gasp!) but I look forward to your teacup series. All of your art is absolutely gorgeous. I have just started watercolours in the last year or so and your work is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

Laura Moore said...

Your tea cups are indeed reminiscent of an English Afternoon Tea and would fit beautifully in Downton Abbey. One of my favourite programmes that I miss as it has finished now over here in the UK.

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