About this Blog

"The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place."  -Barbara DeAngelis

I started this blog so that I could present my artwork to a much wider audience.

It's a place to share and meet other artists, to encourage, share information, learn from each other and  develop new friendships.

A place where family, friends and everyone else, can follow along on my "Artistic Journey" .

While my website is my on-line portfolio, this is where I will post my "newest paintings" before they show up on my website or in a gallery exhibit.

My "On The Easel" feature will show the "step by step" process of my current work. You will gain insight into why I have selected the composition, theme, colors, textures and how I try to re-solve the challenges presented in each painting.

By sharing this information here, I have committed myself to getting into my studio and painting. (As every Artist knows....while painting is mostly a joy & pleasure,  we sometimes need a push to get into the studio.)

All of the paintings showcased here are available for sale unless otherwise stated. 

Your comments are Welcome!  Please send me an email:
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